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Berkley Powerbait Maxscent D-Worm-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comBerkley Powerbait Maxscent D-Worm-Finesse
Big Show "Kicker Tail" Worm-Soft Plastic Worm-TackleFreaks.comBig Show "Kicker Tail" Worm-Soft Plastic
Googan Drag n Drop-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comGoogan Drag n Drop-Finesse
Googan Slim Shake Worm-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comGoogan Slim Shake Worm-Finesse
Jackall Neko Flick Worm-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comJackall Neko Flick Worm-Finesse
Jackall Yammyfish 3"-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comJackall Yammyfish 3"-Finesse
Missile Baits NED BOMB-Soft Plastics-TackleFreaks.comMissile Baits NED BOMB-Soft
Missile Baits The 48-Worm-TackleFreaks.comMissile Baits The
Mister Twister Twister Mite-Creature Bait-TackleFreaks.comMister Twister Twister Mite-Creature
Roboworm 6" Straight Tail Worm-Worm-TackleFreaks.comRoboworm 6" Straight Tail
Roboworm Ned Worm-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comRoboworm Ned Worm-Finesse
Roboworm Ned Worm
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Strike King Fat Baby Finesse Worm-Worm-TackleFreaks.comStrike King Fat Baby Finesse
Strike King KVD OPT Supa Fry-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comStrike King KVD OPT Supa Fry-Finesse
Strike King Super Finesse Worm 7", 6 1/2", and 4"-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comStrike King Super Finesse Worm 7", 6 1/2", and 4"-Finesse
Z Man Big T.R.D.-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comZ Man Big T.R.D.-Finesse
Z-Man Big TRD-Soft Plastics-TackleFreaks.comZ-Man Big TRD-Soft
Z-Man Finesse T.R.D.-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comZ-Man Finesse T.R.D.-Finesse
Zoom Finesse Worm-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comZoom Finesse Worm-Finesse
Zoom Magnum Finesse Worm-Finesse Worm-TackleFreaks.comZoom Magnum Finesse Worm-Finesse
Zoom Trick Worm-Soft Plastic Worm-TackleFreaks.comZoom Trick Worm-Soft Plastic
Zoom Trick Worm
From $4.69

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